Lawyers Know Law -          Legal Nurse Consultants Know Healthcare
Are you overwhelmed with medical records? Does your case have merit? Are your medical records complete? Do you need an expert? Are there pre-existing medical conditions that can become a bombshell in your case? Is there medical research available that will help or hurt your case? Is your paralegal overloaded with work?
"Your Legal Nurse Consultant" offers the busy attorney a quick, cost-effective method for understanding medical records. Protect your time and money by using a legal nurse consultant such as myself.
"Your Legal Nurse Consultant" can help you answer these questions; provide cost effective case review, case analysis, and medical literature review in many areas. I will provide the medical expertise you need to develop the strongest case possible.
I will quickly determine what is, and is not, important to the medical issues in your case. This saves you time, money, and, most importantly, keeps you from being blindsided by the opposition.
I will take the burden away from your paralegal in reviewing cases and in preparing medical chronologies from the records the paralegal may currently be working with. It makes more sense for me, as the one with medical training, to review the records. I know medical procedures. I do not have to spend time looking up terminology, deciphering terms and doctor's handwriting, thus freeing up your staff to concentrate on other issues for which they are better trained.